Multicasts and TLI ...

Multicasts and TLI ...

Post by Juergen Landwehr STZ » Thu, 26 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hello everybody,

I have used the TLI interface to implement simple interprocess communication

via UDP.

Now I there is the requirement to use multicasts. It seems to be that I have

to open a rawIP device (e.g. t_open ("/dev/rawip", O_RDWR)) and then on the

receiver side join somehow a multicast group. However I can not find an option

(like IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP using the socket interface).

To make things worse I just read in Stevens' book "Unix Network Programming",

that XTI does not support multicasts. Does this mean TLI doesn't support it


If there is a multicast support (which I begin to doubt now) does anybody have

some sample code to make live easier. :)

Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated. :)



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1. enable ethernet multicast inside my TLI driver

I'm writing a TLI driver for a multicast protocol. This protocol uses ethernet
multicast. First, ethernet multicast was enabled at user level. But it's not
the user's job to make that. Then, I would like to make that inside my bind
procedure : ptpbind(queue_t *q, mblk_t *mp)

Here is what I do :
multibp = allocb(sizeof(dl_enabmulti_req_t) + 6, BPRI_HI);
multibp->b_datap->db_type = M_PCPROTO;
multireqp = (dl_enabmulti_req_t *)multibp->b_wptr;
multireqp -> dl_primitive = DL_ENABMULTI_REQ ;
multireqp -> dl_addr_length = 6;
multireqp -> dl_addr_offset = sizeof(dl_enabmulti_req_t);

then, I fill the message with my muticast address.
and I transmit the message to the stream head of the ethernet driver :
putq(netlink.bottom, multibp);
(the ethernet driver (le) was already linked under my driver)

But it doesn't work. I receive nothing with the test program. It worked when I
made that from user level.

Then, does any one know that problem ?
I thank you for any help.

                Nicolas Le Sourd.

Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne
3, rue de la Chataigneraie
BP 78
35512 Cesson Sevigne Cedex
Brittany, France.

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