TELNET Source Code???

TELNET Source Code???

Post by Ben Viscai » Mon, 10 Aug 1992 16:43:49

I would like to know if anyone out on the net is aware of the presence of
any TELNET code.  If anyone has information as to FTP sites for this type
of source code, please E-mail me.

Thanks a bunch.



1. Need telnet source code (or ideas)...


I am looking for source code for telnet if it's available.  Could
someone point me to it, or send it me, please.

I want to execute commands from a file on a remote system and have
that system's output to stdout/stderr redirected to a file on the
local system.  I would use remsh (Rsh), except that my remote system
requires a port number when I'm telneting to it and remsh won't handle
that.  So if you have ideas on how I can do this without mucking  
around in the telnet code, I would be interested to hear them.

den Drown

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