how does rexecd work?

how does rexecd work?

Post by ge.. » Fri, 19 Jul 1991 01:16:57

I have been trying to rexecd to no avail on an ULTRIX 4.0 system.
rexecd loggs "getgid: Not owner". Does anybody know how rexeced
works. I have looked at some 4.3 code and I see that it just checks
out the username and password and then does a setgid & setuid without
logging in. In my distribution rexecd is suid so how is it supposed

                                        Gerry O'Brien,
                                        Dept. of Computer Science,
                                        Trinity College Dublin,


1. should rexecd show up under su -c "ps aux | grep rexecd" ?

I am trying to rexec a command, but so far no luck.  I have done his
before with SCO, but my Linux box at home is not cooperative.  Is
rexecd run as a seperate daemon that I should check for?  How can I
see which services are currently running at which ports?

Thanks... this is vexing, as I want to automate starting up some X

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