failed to attach question

failed to attach question

Post by raoul_s2.. » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 07:08:02

compiled a driver using 64bit gcc in ult/sol2.8.
moved the cdd to the /kernel/drv/sparcv9 and ccd.conf
to the /kernel/drv/. Did the add_drv cdd and got:
failed to attach error.
It successfully installed but failed to attach.

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1. PPP-2.4.1 Solaris8 Driver Failed to Attach/ppp question

Hi All

2 Questions

PPP -1
I'm trying to get ppp-2.4.1 to install but get the Driver Failed to
Attach on install.
I've seen a simmilar question that gcc had a problem with memset and
tried Anton Rang code in ppp.c but still get the error.

Anyone else got it to work ? if so how.
(Please note that I'm a system administrator NOT a programmer)

Running Solaris 8 4/01 with MU6
Gcc 2-95-2

If I can't get the above to work then question 2
PPP -2
I've got the old asppp to work (a bit) but after MU6 it said use ppp.
I removed ALL (4) the asppp packages and then wondered which ones I
should install from disk 2. All the documents I found on BigAdmin
point to Solaris V9 which you need to have a beta login account to
view them (Silly).
Any How-To's out there for PPPV4 like kempston / Celeste's wonderful

Thanks in Advance


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