Dev. Driver / Sys5 R4 / idbuild problem

Dev. Driver / Sys5 R4 / idbuild problem

Post by Frank Dra » Thu, 25 Jan 1996 04:00:00


I am porting a device driver (originally written for Linux) over to
UnixWare 1.1/SysVR4. I am attempting to use the idtools, but they
are causing problems.

When using the idbuild command, it appears to not be generating one
of its intermediate source files correctly. Let's say the module's
name is 'foo' (how's THAT for original? ;-) When I run idbuild, it
is supposed to create a file in /etc/conf/pack.d/foo called "mod_conf.c"
and compile it. When it compiles it, it returns an error. My attempt
to do an idbuild looks like this:

/etc/conf/bin/idbuild -K -M foo
        The following loadable modules will be configured now:


"mod_conf.c", line 17: undefined symbol: foodevflag
"mod_conf.c", line 17: non-constant initializer: op "U&"
ERROR: 'mod_conf.c' will not compile properly

*** Error code 1 (bu21)

make: fatal error.

The problem is that this variable, foodevflag, is referenced, but not
declared in this file. Since I've used the -K option, mod_conf.c is
left behind. By manually adding in a declaration of that flag (which
is, BTW, properly defined in one of my driver's source files), I can
continue the build using the -Q option. Everything then works fine.

I'm pretty sure I'm just missing a flag or a directive in a
configuration file, but I haven't had much luck finding it. Has
anyone else seen something like this?

Thanks for your help...

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1. Unix Sys5 R4 and NCSA Telnet and packet drivers = ???

We've been using NCSA's free Telnet and Ftp programs to connect to our SUN
SPARC10's from PC's for a few years now with no glitches. Both SUNs were running
SunOS Release 4.1.3 Generic, and everything worked just fine. Recently we
upgraded one machine to Unix System V Release 4.0. Now NCSA Telnet has a
problem with "can't open connection, timed out" messages when trying to reach
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We continue to have no problems reaching the machine running SunOS. We can
reach the machine running SysVR4 with two other telnet programs, one that
comes with Novell's LAN Workplace and one that comes (I guess) with Win95's
Plus pack. The only obvious difference I can see between these two and the
NCSA version I'm running is that we're using the packet driver interface for
the NCSA Telnet and Ftp products. This is because the version we have (2.3.07)
doesn't support all of the network cards we use directly, and packet drivers
(along with a shim and NDIS drivers) allows me to use the same configuration
on everyone's machine.

Our Unix guru is not (a guru). If it's possible that something has to be
tuned or set properly for SysVR4 to recognize NCSA's packets, it's LIKELY
that it hasn't been so tuned or set. If anyone can give me a clue where to
look for such a setting, I would gratefully pass it on.

Long live free (NCSA) software!

Wash. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife        *Remember: the fish were here first!*

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