Unix Development software - C++ etc.

Unix Development software - C++ etc.

Post by Tom Smit » Wed, 03 May 1995 04:00:00

> I am interested in developing under UNIX and am at a loss as to what
> products may be best.  I know SCO, Unixware, and others have development
> packages but I am interested in developing potentially for a wide variety
> of UNIX systems and would prefer not to purchase a separate development
> system for each.  If anyone has any comments regarding development
> software, I would appreciate your comments.  Thanks much.

Digital's COHESIONworX and COHESION Team/SEE support mixed Digital,
Sun, and HP development and have hooks for extensions to other platforms.
You can poke around at:


for more information.


Digital Equipment Corp.                              Tel: +1 (508) 952-3236
153 Taylor St. TAY2-1/L7                             FAX: +1 (508) 952-3365
Littleton, MA 01460-1407


1. WWW Page for C++ Tools (was Re: Unix Development software - C++ etc.)

I have prepared a report evaluating C++ programming tools, including
integrated development environments, GUI Builders, Graphing and Drawing
Widgets, and Debugging/Testing Tools.

The report is available via anonymous ftp or by a world-wide web (WWW)
browser such as mosaic or netscape.

* WWW site

        Open the following location/file:


        This page has convenient links for viewing or downloading the report
        and some interesting (related) Internet sites.

* anonymous ftp to


      (login as 'anonymous' and set your email address as the password).

  The files are in directory



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