Looking for C-Code Checking Tools

Looking for C-Code Checking Tools

Post by Hardy Daeum » Sat, 27 Aug 1994 23:12:10

Hi everyone.

Has anyone experiences with a C-code analyzing tools
like  "CodeCheck 5.0"?? Are there any other tools
available that can be used to measure code complexity,
to check for keeping to given coding rules and that
perhaps also provides functionality to beautifies/rearranges
C-source code according to coding guidelines?

Looking forward to your responses,

        Hardy Daeumer


1. C-code for Multiple daemonprocess, detection locked file,etc.


Can Anyone tell me more on:

1. Detection used files by other processes
    The Ftp-program under DOS sends a file to the Unix where I Pick it
up with a daemon program. But i have no idea if ftp is still putting the
file there or is already finished. Is there a way to detect this easy in
C?. I tryed lockf but that didn't do the trick yet.
In other words (more general) i want to be able to select any file on
Unix and be absolute sure it isn't used by a other user, program, ftp
etc. Everything is written in C so i would like a solution in C. Anyone
any ideas/solutions?

2. Handeling multiple background processes
    I have written 2 daemon-processes in C. These processes fork a child
proces if required and executes an other program (could also be a
script). The number off program's forked can be very large. Therefore I
didn't use the SIGCHLD to be absolute sure there can't be any zombies
left if I don't catch all return signals. My daemon process can't stop
and wait for all processes to be stoped (using wait). Until know I'am
using Sybase to keep track off all processes.
Can anyone tell me how to do the same in C whithout the change/risks on
zombie processes? I have to support several Unix-scripts and programms
wich can't use Sybase so I have a bit of a problem now. More specific:
How can I detect the termination of a program if (theoreticly) there can
terminate hunderd program's at once?

Can anyone tell me more about problem 1 or 2? I would appriciate any
help/suggestions You could give me.

Klaas Gruppen
Holland (europe)

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