help!lost file

help!lost file

Post by mohammad osm » Wed, 25 May 1994 20:27:25

i mistakenly deleted a mailbox.f file. It is the bbs account run on

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We have a linux printer server running kernel 2.1.83. We also have a
HP Laserjet 5M printer with an internal network card (therefore it has
its own IP address). The problem is that if we send several print jobs
consectively, only the first one will be printed. All others are lost.
However, if we wait a couple minutes to send the next job, all jobs
will be printed. When jobs are lost, there is no any error or warning

Here is the entry in the printcap file:

#       :lp=/dev/null:\
#       :rp=text:\

As you can see, we have tried both the ":lp=/dev/null:" and ":lp=:",
as well as both raw and text as the remote print name.

Another question is that this printer is printing in duplex by
default. How can we print simplex using "lpr"?

greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Jinan Lou

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