I need to help with Follow-up RPC

I need to help with Follow-up RPC

Post by luka » Sun, 15 Jun 2003 05:35:10


I'm writing program which will computing on Follow-Up RPC (Multi
server) and i have a problem.

Description :
ClientA on compA sends tab[] in request to serverA on compB.
compB sents immediately dummy replay to clientA on compA.In the
meantime ClientA on compA creates serverB on compA,which waiting for
ServerA on compB computing something and then creates ClientB on
compB,which sends results in tab[] to serverB on compA.Here appear :
Time out...

I describe more complex later
Thx for any help.

I'm beginner in english,sorry about my spelling error

Thx for any help.
How can I do multiserver comunication with Follow-Up RPC?

Thx for any help.