PD alternatives to unix file locking?

PD alternatives to unix file locking?

Post by Greg Ercola » Mon, 18 Jul 1994 14:26:17

    I'm curious if anyone can recommend a simple PD file lock system..
    something like a daemon/library package that will allow one to lock
    a file and read/write it?

    I have always had bad past experiences with locking files in a
    network wide fashion with all the Unix techniques, esp. in medium
    load situations.

    I've always had to write my own file lock daemons because the unix
    techniques can often hang in un-interruptable ways due to untunable
    problems with rpc.lockd/statd. I'm presented with this problem again,
    and am wondering if something in the PD can do it well..

    Thanks for any help..




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