timeout a semaphore

timeout a semaphore

Post by Arie Tuchfel » Wed, 25 Aug 1999 04:00:00

How can I timeout a non signaled semaphore? i.e.:
        static struct sembuf op_decr[] = {
            0, -1, 0 // decrement sem#0 by 1
        semop(m_semid, &op_decr[0], 1); // blocks untill semval > 0.

Usually I use select() with timeout, but select() uses file descriptor,
is there a file descriptor for a semaphore ???


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Is there a way to specify a time out in msecs, that a semop operation will
last? I.e. I want semop to try for x msecs to get a semaphore, and afterthat
if it wasn;t succesful to exit.


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