:Example on writting psif and psof on BSD 4.3 ??

:Example on writting psif and psof on BSD 4.3 ??

Post by Mr. Edwin KwanTo T » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I am looking for code examples to write lp filters on BSD4.3 systems.

Any pointers would help.


Edwin TAM


1. Interface b/w Ether & IP on SUN OS BSD 4.3


Currently I am doing a project on interface to a ATM switch via the TCP/IP,
ie. I have to develop a "ethernet like device deriver".

I have tested the sample concept on the SGI-iris platform, which they have a
sample "ethernet device source code", and it work as the pseudo IP

Now, I am porting it to SunOs platform, which I have problem in bringing it

My question:

beside having the ifnet struct declared on those I/O routines to
if_attach(), what are the specific steps/procedure etc needed in the kernel
code ?

Toh C K

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