UW - Multiple-window interface to UNIX for System V???

UW - Multiple-window interface to UNIX for System V???

Post by Salvatore A. Colom » Sat, 27 Feb 1993 17:52:23

As the subject line suggests, I'd be very interested to know if someone out-
there has been able to adapt the 'UW' server source code to make it compile  
on a System V platform; more specifically, I want it to run on an HP9000/800,
with the HP/UX operating system, althought the simple compatibility with
System V should suffice. Could please someone help me? Thank everybody!!

        Best regards.

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UW - Multiple-window interface to UNIX for System V???

Post by Michael Solom » Sat, 27 Feb 1993 22:36:11

I wrote a simple UW client for UNIX for my own use.   I am in the process of enhancing
it for general release.  One of the things I want to do is to release the server for
System V also.  If no one else has already done this, I should have a UW server in a
couple of weeks (?).  (My plate is pretty full, so it might not be immediate).  


Michael Solomon,  Solomon Consulting Group
Emory University, Atlanta, GA

UUCP: {rutgers,gatech}!emory!solomon    


1. US-WI-UW-Madison Unix Systems Manager-Immediate need

US-WI-UW-Madison Unix Systems Manager-Immediate need

The Computer Aided Engineering Center (CAE) at the University of Wisconsin,
Madison, has a full time, academic staff position opening. This position
involves installing, configuring, managing and maintaining UNIX services in
the College of Engineering for predominantly SUN Unix servers (10) running
Solaris, and HP Unix workstations (about 200) running HP/UX. Services
include but are not limited to support of network file servers, mail
servers, print servers, installs of local operating systems, user access
security/consistency, and file system backup. The person in this position
will manage a staff of three to five students for daily systems maintenance.
You will work with faculty, staff and students to install or port software
applications to UNIX for instructional, research and administrative use. You
will also work with vendors to develop maintenance and update procedures and
schedules for UNIX system software and applications.

For more details, see our Web site:


CAE is a dynamic organization working on the leading edge. It's challenging
and fun work.

Please apply by October 9th.


Michael Redmond
Director, Computer-Aided Engineering Center
University of Wisconsin, Madison
1410 Engineering Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Voice: (608) 263-1584
Fax:   (608) 265-4546

WWW: http://www.cae.wisc.edu/staff/redmond.html

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