MSGMAX - SunOS max message size 2048?

MSGMAX - SunOS max message size 2048?

Post by Dave Haverka » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 04:00:00

In Steven's book on "Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment"
page 454, there is a table of System limits that affect message
queue's.  MSGMAX is defined as the size in bytes of the largest
message we can send.  According to the SunOS headers, I should be
able to send 8192 bytes in a message.  However, in actual usage I
can only send 2048 max.  I eventually need to use my code on Sun,
Alpha, and HP-UX machines, so would like to set it to use a system
define for the max message.  I thought MSGMAX was the correct define
to use, but aparently not.  Any thoughts?  

I did find a define MSGMNB 2048 /* default max number of bytes on a queue */
NOT what the book was telling me.

I did some grep'ing and found the following:
grep MSGMAX /usr/include/*/*.h
/usr/include/sys/msg.h:#ifndef  MSGMAX
/usr/include/sys/msg.h:#define  MSGMAX  (MSGPOOL * 1024)        /* max message size (in bytes) */

grep MSGPOOL /usr/include/*/*.h
/usr/include/sys/msg.h:#ifndef  MSGPOOL
/usr/include/sys/msg.h:#define  MSGPOOL 8       /* size, in kilobytes, of message pool */
/usr/include/sys/msg.h:#define  MSGMAX  (MSGPOOL * 1024)        /* max message size (in bytes) */
/usr/include/sys/msg.h:#define  MSGSEG  ((MSGPOOL * 1024) / MSGSSZ) /* # segments (MUST BE < 32768) */

grep MSGSSZ /usr/include/*/*.h
/usr/include/sys/msg.h:#ifndef  MSGSSZ
/usr/include/sys/msg.h:#define  MSGSSZ  8       /* msg segment size (should be word size multiple) */


Anyhow when I try to send a message larger than 2048, msgsnd fails.
According to the headers MSGMAX is 8192.

David Haverkamp


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