Help - Tape File Problem

Help - Tape File Problem

Post by Joe LaMattin » Tue, 16 May 2000 04:00:00

Help please???

I have a Microfocus Cobol program running on a Unix system.

I'm trying to read an IBM tape file 128 characters long blocked by 255
records for a block size of 32,640.

When I read the file (organization line sequential) it only gets the first
512k of each block (4 records), (record sequential only gets the first
record of each block) . The 512K happens to also be a Unix default size in
the dd command.

I can use the dd command to copy all the records down to disk, that works
but I'd like to access the file directly from the program. .

Any ideas how to override the block size when I assign the device? I've
tried Block contain 225
records and Block contains 32640 characters within the cobol pgm.

Thanks in advance

Joe LaMattina


1. Re. Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220 Re: Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220

Your system does not find the tape during boot phase. For IBM tapes normally
plug them, switch them on, boot up the system and AIX automatically
configures them.

The 220 uses other SCSI cabels than your 320 are they ok. Check the SCSI ID
of your tape - maybe you have other devices using the same ID. Run
'lscfg -v' to display all devices.

frank ;-)

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