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Hello, All.

is here anyone who is using Ultrix 4.?/mips?

In case you don't know my private e-mail, use, plz dmr(at)miem.edu.ru


1. working MMAP in Ultrix/MIPS

Is there anybody who knows how to use mmap() on the DECstation ?
I disassembled the corresponding kernel function (smmap) and found it
to do reasonable checks (file opened, permissions ok, at least one of
MAP_SHARED or MAP_FIXED set (why ?) and addr multiple of pagesize).

But I didn't have much luck when trying to use mmap. Most times mmap()
returns 'EINVAL', but as 'root' I got beyond these tests and got as far as
'EACCESS' or 'ENODEV' :-).
(If you consider how much work disassembling the kernel is, that's very far.)

Anyway, I compared the Ultrix code to my BSD 4.3 sources and found them
to be quite different.

Is there somebody who got mmap working ?
Is there anybody with Ultrix sources who would look into 'kern_mman.c'
to find out what's supposed to work ?
(I'm not asking for source code, it would be sufficient to know why I always
get EINVAL (except as root) and wether there's a workaround.)

Why do I have to buy a Sun to use features like mmap() ? :-( :-(
Hmmm, you say I don't have to ? :-)

Thanks in advance,

 Stefan Esser,  Institute of Nuclear Physics,  University of Cologne,  Germany

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