shadow file and '*' passwords and postgres ?

shadow file and '*' passwords and postgres ?

Post by Rx Vide » Tue, 18 May 1999 04:00:00


I' trying to setup a db server on Linux platform, and I would like to
know what kind of entry is the user account which has a star (*) as a
password. The info for the database (postgres) says that I have to
create new account (it turned out I already have one named 'postgres')
and then log in as 'postgres' user and go on with the installation. I
can't log in using the existing one, because I don't know the password,
besides it doesn't look like it has one - only that star.
The postgres info mentioned something about creating the superuser
account, but then it said to create a 'restricted privileges account' in
order to avoid problems. I though that superuser cannot be restricted.
Does it have a connection with the start in shadow file ?
If you have some ideas on the subject, please, let me know.
Thank you,



shadow file and '*' passwords and postgres ?

Post by lseri.. » Thu, 20 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi Martin!

This is Levent from Cyprus. Me and my friends also working on a project
to use Shadow files and Postgres. My friends works on DB part and I'm
working on shadow file and server part.

 `*` in /etc/passwd file means that account is disabled. If you are not
using shadow password structure.
  If you have /etc/shadow and X for password fields in /etc/passwd it
means you are using shadow suite.
   But If you only have /etc/passwd and has crypted text in password
field or *  it means you are using non shadowed password structure in
your system.

 About Postgres, first you have to login as a user for example you can
use any user to login then on command prompt use this commands:

         su postgres
         createdb mydb

Note: pgaccess runs on X windows. therefore first login as root then run
 X windows. Open a terminal on X windows (shell)  on terminal prompt use
above commands because pgaccess only runs on X windows.


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