Suggestions for Interesting Projects

Suggestions for Interesting Projects

Post by Sarat Babu Kamisett » Thu, 02 Aug 2001 06:05:33


I would like to do some short term (like a month long) challenging
project  on Linux (like process migration etc.). I was wondering if
someone here has some suggestions regarding this.
Although i am not a newbie to linux/unix, i don't have much programming
experience as far as system calls are concerned. I am interested in
learning about posix threads, semaphores, shared
memory, sockets,  fork, signals etc. I wrote very simple programs with
these and now i want to do some challenging project. Any suggestions are
higly appreciated.



Suggestions for Interesting Projects

Post by Karthikeyan M. » Thu, 02 Aug 2001 15:41:26

check out . tonnes of stuff are there todo.

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