Who had compiled gcc on DECstation 5000/240?

Who had compiled gcc on DECstation 5000/240?

Post by Jyh-Shyang Wa » Mon, 16 Aug 1993 15:30:05

        I compiled gcc 2.4.5 on DECstation 5000/240,but failed. I use:
1. configure --prefix=/vsp_3/erik/local --local-pref=/vsp_3/erik/local
--exec-pref=/vsp_3/erik/local -target mips-dec-ultrix

2. make

3. make stage1
4. make CC="stage1/xgcc -Bstage1/" CFLAGS="-g -O" LANGUAGES=c

5. make stage2
6. make CC="stage2/xgcc -Bstage2/" CFLAGS="-g -O" LANGUAGES=c

7. make stage3
8. make CC="stage3/xgcc -Bstage3/" CFLAGS="-g -O" LANGUAGES=c

9. make compare
& it show nothing then

10. make install CC="stage2/xgcc -Bstage2/" CFLAGS="-g -O" LANGUAGES=c

and I hadn't saw any important error message,only some ignore error

but when I compiled simple X program,it show:

In file included from
from memo.c:1:
parse error before  SizeHints'
parse error before  SizeHints'
        :       :       :
        :       :       :

and Xlib.h 3951-3965 is:
extern int XWMGeometry(
#if NeedFunctionPrototypes
    Display*            /* display */,
    int                 /* screen_number */,
    const char*         /* user_geometry */,
    const char*         /* default_geometry */,
    unsigned int        /* border_width */,
    XSizeHints*         /* hints */,    <==== 3958 line...
    int*                /* x_return */,
    int*                /* y_return */,
    int*                /* width_return */,
    int*                /* height_return */,
    int*                /* gravity_return */

the program can be compiled on the same machine by its own cc compiler,or
sun's gcc. the first line is:
#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>

        So,who can tell me where is my error,and how should I do?
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Who had compiled gcc on DECstation 5000/240?

Post by Jim Wils » Tue, 17 Aug 1993 02:06:30

>    I compiled gcc 2.4.5 on DECstation 5000/240,but failed. I use:
>but when I compiled simple X program,it show:
>parse error before SizeHints'

This is a bug in the X11 header files that DEC distributes with Ultrix.

When compiled by an ANSI C compiler (i.e. when __STDC__ is defined), the
header files define prototypes.  However, the prototypes include references
to undefined types, and thus you get syntax errors.  You can not fix this
problem by changing the order of include files; there are circular dependencies
among the include files.  Specifically, Xlib.h depends on Xutil.h, and Xutil.h
depends on Xlib.h.

As a result, under Ultrix, you can not compile a program that include X11
header files by ANSI C compiler unless you do something to work around
this problem.

One solution is to compile with -traditional.  Another solution is to
compile with -DNeedFunctionPrototypes=0.



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