POSIX.1 method of setting serial communications speed above 38400 Baud

POSIX.1 method of setting serial communications speed above 38400 Baud

Post by Wolfgang Birkfellne » Tue, 26 Oct 1999 04:00:00


i am working with lynx 3.0.1, solaris 2.6, and redhat linux 6.0. by
studying the internet resources concerning serial porgramming i have
managed to handle the typical canonical and non-canonical I/O problems.
What I have not been able until now is to set the serial communications
speed above 38400 baud, although the termio.h in the lynx os and the
/usr/include/bits/termios.h both offer these higher baudrates. does
anyone know an answer? or does someone have a piece of code on how the
serial port has to be opened to benefit from the higher baudrate?

many thanks in advance

wolfgang birkfellner, dept. of biomedical engineering and physics,
general hospital, university of vienna


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I'm using kermit and a null modem cable to connect two PCs running
Debian.  On machine 1 I run agetty at a certain baud level; one
machine 2 I set kermit to the same speed and connect.  At bauds of
38400 or less, the connection is fine.  At 57k I get garbage, and have
to reset the terminal.  At 115k, I don't get anything at all.

setserial -a informs me that both serial ports use UART 16550As and
that their base bauds are 115k.

All I can think of is the cable -- where can I get a good cable?  How
do I recognize it in a store?

Using hardware flow control or not does not change anything.

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