checking remote UDP ports

checking remote UDP ports

Post by pluvi » Sat, 28 Jan 1995 18:42:50

I want to check to see if a remote host is listening on a certain UDP
port... how can i determine this?
The only thing I can think of is to open a connection to that port
and to send it something, and listen for a ICMP PORT UNREACH
message... this requires the program to run as root which is not
desirable.. is there a simpler solution????


checking remote UDP ports

Post by James Robins » Sun, 29 Jan 1995 05:47:45

[Q about how to check to see if a remote machine has a specific UDP port

You can open up a UDP socket, bind() your address to it, and then connect()
to the remote machine / port. Send a packet. If the kernel gets an ICMP
port unreachable message, then when you send the NEXT packet out
that socket, it will result in an error (ECONNREFUSED).

The connecting to the port gives the kernel the necissary info to
figure out which process / socket sent the offending packet.

Thanks to Richard Stevens for this wonderful info.


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    I want to set my linux box up such that it will not even admit
that it exists (Stealth, if you will) on ports that are not open for
connections.  Port 79 (Finger) for instance, I ran  port scanner on my box
and it responded that the machine exists, and the port is closed.
Is there a to get it to not respond (ignore) incoming connections

Also, it is running as a webserver / router / firewall.
I would also like to bind certain services to net devices like
FTP to eth1, so I can access them on my VPN, but not from the
outside eth0.  Is that possible?

If anyone has any ideas I would be most appreciative,
maybe direct me to the appropriate HOWTO?


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