Compiling ucd-snmp on Sequent/Dynix

Compiling ucd-snmp on Sequent/Dynix

Post by Glenn Warburt » Tue, 10 Jul 2001 10:00:08

I have been having trouble compiling ucd-snmp-4.1.2 on Sequent
DYNIX/ptx, which falls over as follows:

In file included from asn1.c:72:
snmp_api.h:471: parse error before `*'
snmp_api.h:515: parse error before `fd_set'
snmp_api.h:691: parse error before `fd_set'
snmp_api.h:693: parse error before `fd_set'
make[1]: *** [asn1.o] Error 1

The code reads:
 * void snmp_read(fdset)
 *     fd_set  *fdset;
 * Checks to see if any of the fd's set in the fdset belong to
 * snmp.  Each socket with it's fd set has a packet read from it
 * and snmp_parse is called on the packet received.  The resulting pdu
 * is passed to the callback routine for that session.  If the callback
 * routine returns successfully, the pdu and it's request are deleted.
void snmp_read (fd_set *);

Anyone have any clues, or can you direct me to a site which may have a
pre-compiled version for Sequent.




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