Send output of C-Program to X-Term ?

Send output of C-Program to X-Term ?

Post by Andreas Gloe » Wed, 01 Sep 1993 19:02:11

I have a C-Program running under Unix which has some outputs. These outputs
should be redirected to another Xterm which has to be started too.

I tried several possible solutions :
Using cat of a named pipe...
        system("/usr/bin/X11/xterm -e cat -s /tmp/ &");

        and then writing into this file. The problem was that the xterm is
        going to be closed when I stop writing (not when I close the file)

Using tail
        system("/usr/bin/X11/xterm -e tail -f /tmp/ &");

        and writing into the file. Here all works fine, but I got problems
        that it only works when I write a lot of characters to the file. (buffer)
        When I only write a small number (~ < 20000 characters) the
        started xterm was also closed and no output appears. Another problem
        is, that not all the lines of the file will be shown.....
        I tried the parameter +c0 of the tail command, but the effect was
        that the xterm was started and closed at once.

Does anyone has a solution for this problem ?

Just send a mail, and thank you for your efforts to help me....

                Andreas Gloege
        smail : Limesstr.28a, 81243 Muenchen, Germany, 089/870436



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