-- HELP, UNIX thumbnail creator --

-- HELP, UNIX thumbnail creator --

Post by Robert Ofarrell Bankst » Sun, 15 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I know this doesn't exactly fit this group but most of the graphics
groups are devoted to PCs and Macs and I need info from UNIX users.  I
need a small program to run under a UNIX shell on Linux which will take a
series of image files (mostly jpeg) and create a thumbnail index.  Does a
program such as this already exist?  If so, what is it and where can I find
it?  If not, anyone care to offer an approach to programming such a util.
Remember I want this to run under the shell not X11.  Thanks.



1. Image Map/Thumbnail creator to reduce server load...

I'm trying to speed up the access for my server.

I've got 50 thumbnails on a page and they load too slow.

What I need is software to let create a big image that has
thumbnails on it but it is a big image map that links to the
individual images.

This will load for the user much faster and will be less
impact on the server itself.

Obviously I don't want to hand code this.
Any suggestions for software (Solaris or PC or Mac)???


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