how to setup ptty - what am I doing wrong

how to setup ptty - what am I doing wrong

Post by Michael Veksl » Thu, 28 Jul 1994 01:53:19

I want to write a small utility that runs programs with poor user
interface (like sh,csh,bc,etc.).
This utility will communicate those programs by a pseudo tty (pty).
I was able to open a pty for the sub-process (I use tcsh for this test)
and the control part for the parent. Everything seems to work fine
  1. I could not implement non blocking terminal IO
     (real terminal read AND the pty read), together with non busy
     waiting, to avoid 100% cpu I used sleep!!! Is there a better way?
     (there must be)
  2. My tcsh process was shouting something about no access to terminal
     ("not a tty" or something), but all keys operated correctly
     When I run emacs (not the X version), it was using only 25 rows
     instead of 43.
     I guess that I have to do some setting up to my pty control side
     but I could not find anything about that in my ioctl man pages.

PS  I am using Linux-1.1.13  -  my manual pages are much older than the
    kernel (about 1-2 years older), so I can't rely on them.

Please respond by mail, I never read this news-group.



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I have both a DVD-ROM and a CD-R/RW in my system and I'm having no luck
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scsibus0: 0,0,0    0) 'RICOH   ' 'CD-R/RW MP7040A ' '1.40' RemovableCD-ROM
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                                                Alan Claunch

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