Get user name (UNIX/Apollo).

Get user name (UNIX/Apollo).

Post by Arkady Altm » Tue, 19 Jan 1993 22:48:52

I need to ad file which is open by another user.
Can anybody give me a hand to find that user name?
I need to issue an error message.

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1. getting users login name after login from server


I have got authuser working as in people are asked to supply a valid
userID and password (direved hourly from the main passwd file by a perl
script run from cron as root.

But the perl program called by the browser needs to get the users ID
(The one who just logged on) and for some reason our ENV is never set
with the users ID, although the browser knows it is still a valid user.

Next is there a common cgi program that can be called when the user
clicks a logoff link in an html page to clear out the usersID and
password, so if they went back into the secure area they would be asked
to Authenticate themselves once more? Apart from closing the browser

I would guess it would be SetEnv instruction, where does this go
srm.conf or access.conf?

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