Problems with parallel invokation of make

Problems with parallel invokation of make

Post by Udo A. Steinber » Thu, 08 Nov 2001 19:02:58


In a Makefile I have a target defined as:

GENHDR := foo.h bar.h baz.h

Those header files are generated by a script and the rule looks like:


The script actually generates all 3 header files at once when executed.
This works fine if I invoke make serially. However when trying to run
"make -j 5" the rule is invoked for all 3 header files in parallel, i.e.
each invokation of the script ruins the generated header files of the
other 2 running scripts.
How can I prevent this with make magic?

.NOTPARALLEL prevents parallelity for all following targets in the same
Makefile. I only want to prevent parallelity for those 3 targets.



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