looking for hoc6

looking for hoc6

Post by Ron Watki » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 02:42:22

In the book "Unix Programming Environment", there is a reference to a 'hoc6'
calculator. Can anyone point me to where I can find the source on the internet?

                        Ron Watkins


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1. Looking for a font that will look OK in all my applications

I can not settle for a decent font which will:
1. Look good on my system on all the following applications
2. Display the apostrophe (currently, any choice I have made did NOT
display it)

Any ideas?

My system details:
1. I have a dual boot Win98/LM8 128 MB system. Using Drakfont, I have
the Windows fonts.
2. I use XFree 4.0x/KDE 2.1.2 on a 17 inch monitor at 1024x768 (24b)
3. I usually use KMail, Konqueror, Opera 5, Pan & Knode.
4. I have currently chosen the following fonts:
a. KDE-adventure 14 default (General) and adobe-courier 14 iso 8859-1 as my
Fixed width font.
b. Opera-Helvetica


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