California: San Jose VC++/VB/Multimedia Programmer

California: San Jose VC++/VB/Multimedia Programmer

Post by Joe Zh » Fri, 30 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Rockstone Electronics, a fast growing LAN/WAN information technology company
based in Silicon Valley, California, is looking for individuals to join our


POSITION:  Software Engineer

Software engineer is to develop multimedia/database applications using
programming tools such as C/C++/VB under Win95/NT.

Indivisual must have a BSCS or an BSEE degree or equivalent, 2+ years in
C/C++ and MS VB and SQL language, and experience in internet application
development, good knowledge in communication hardware, basics of LAN/WAN.
Must be highly motived with good communication skills result oriented,
and possess the ability to work in a fast paced working enviroment.

Rockstone offers generous bonus and commision, a challenge working
enviroment for continuous growth and achievements.
For immediate consideration, please send your resume with salary
expectations in ASCII to

Or fax to:  (408)324-0815
Or postal mail:   Attn: Joe Zhao  
                  Rockstone Electronics
                  2391 Zanker Rd, Ste 300
                  San Jose,  CA 95131


1. Stay away from ART MULTIMEDIA in San Jose CA

   Stay away from ART MULTIMEDIA computer store in San
   Jose, California.

   I had my worst shopping experience with these people
   over buying a monitor. They advertise a lower price but
   take my word for it: It is not worth the money to deal
   with these creatures.

   I made a mistake of buying a MAG monitor from them.
   THe MAG monitors are a piece of shit, but that is
   another matter.  Dealing with these creatures over the
   phone and face to face was  worse than the agony of
   replacing the defective monitors 3 times.  They gave me
   the hell every time I have been to their hole.

   They do not take this low quality, defective
   monitor without  charging me  15% for "restocking
   fee".  Now they would not even replace it.
   The "manager" had the audacity to tell me at the
   top of her hysteric voice that she would send the
   monitor back to MAG to get it fixed and I have to
   wait at least 5 weeks...

   This warehouse terribly lacks the honesty and common
   courtesy one would expect from a decent business.  It
   seems like they have not adapted the civilized, western
   business ethics yet and do not have a slightest clue
   about "customer satisfaction".  The manager of this
   slimy business, a hysterical, femme-fatal-wanna-be, was
   the worst business person I have ever dealt with in my

   Take my word for it, stay away from ART MULTIMEDIA


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