readline and pageup/down

readline and pageup/down

Post by Samuel KOK » Sat, 08 Sep 2001 10:22:00


I would like to be able to catch the pageup/down key in a term. The thing
is, I have to achieve it while using readline. Here is how go the
readline input instructions. I put a printf for debugging purpose.

        char c;
        <some code that reads c from a file descriptor>
        // debugging
        printf("the key was %u",c);

I wanted to use this in order to read the code corresponding to various
pageup/down. However, this only prints the escape char ^] (27), whatever
I type: pageup, pagedown, any arrow key, etc...

Readline has also been setup in the code to have a command history that
can be browsed using the up/down key, which actually works.

I thus assume that the code that correspond to the key I pressed in the
little lines above, is not entirely printed.

How can I "catch" these extra keys in this context?

I tried to use rl_bind_key and rl_generic_bind, without any success ;-(




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