How to use device drivers from my apps?

How to use device drivers from my apps?

Post by D » Fri, 20 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hi, all.

I want to know the way of using scsi drives from my apps.
Anybody knows web sites that tell me how to ?



1. ? How do I find what device driver a device is using?

I have a problem.

Short question is how can I tell from a running system what
device driver a device is using?

Long Question:  I have two servers, one a new 7028-6c1 that
has aix433 ml10 on it.  I am using a nim server that is installed
at aix4.3.3.ml9 to try and test a backup and recovery solution, but
when the machine reboots into maintenance or install mode, it does not
see the 18.2GB internal scsi drives (which work fine when the machine
is up in normal mode)

Looks like a missing device driver from one to the other, but I would
not to install ml10 on the nim server, and if it is one back-level
I would like to check that out...

So, does anyone know a command to see which
drivers are loaded with a device?  Thanks.


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