TCP socket for MSDOS ???

TCP socket for MSDOS ???

Post by Carsten Beuth » Thu, 14 Jul 1994 17:11:30

I urgently need some help!

I need to connect a MSDOS PC with one of our Sun's over our TCP network. Connecting
Sun's with one another has never been a problem using simple TCP socket communication,
- but - on the PC I have not even an idea for finding the nesserary drivers, libraries,
and header-files.

Which software-package provides this? Has anybody ever done it?

Please respond by e-mail. Thanks in advance!



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1. UNIX domain sockets vs TCP sockets

Hello all,
 In R. Stevens's Unix Network Programming, second edition Vol. 1 he
states that "On Berkeley-derived implementations Unix domain sockets are
often twice as fast as a TCP socket". Now my question is has anybody
looked into whether this statement is true on non-Berkely
implementations, particularly Solaris?

  I did some testing on my own on Solaris 2.5 and was surprised to see
that unix domain sockets actually performed worse than TCP sockets (when
the client and server reside on the same box). For my test code I found
TCP sockets to be approximately 38% faster than unix domain sockets.

  Now if this conclusion is correct, why would that be the case?. And if
it's wrong, then has anybody studied this issue in some detail?.

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