generating an execution trace using adb?

generating an execution trace using adb?

Post by bugbe » Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:00:45

I'm trying to generate a trace file of the execution
of my program. In particular I would like to generate
a stack trace whenever a particular function is called.

I *LIKE* trace files, because I can awk-grep-perl
in them, and extract useful information. I'd rather
do that that type endlessly into a de*)

I'd like to use adb because it's ubiqutous and reliable.
So I tried the following:

my_func:b $C ; :c
(i.e. set a break point on my_func, and when you hit
it, output a stack and, then continue).

it hits the break point, outputs a stack trace AND STOPS.

Can anyone help?



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using profiled code (gprof) or using a debugger?

Thanks in advance,

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