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 The National Information Consortium (NIC) is looking for creative
 software developers and graphic artists for the World Wide Web.  
 Familiarity with the Internet, WWW, C, C++ and Unix required.  HTML
 skills a definite plus.  Other useful knowledge: Perl, SQL, TCP/IP
 and Windows.  High growth, lots of opportunity. NIC is an established
 information provider that features challenging projects, competitive
 salaries and benefits, flexible hours, casual work environment, and
 a creative,  talented staff. Other NIC ventures include the Information
 Network of Kansas, , Access Indiana, and Nebraska Online,  

Please send resume to:  

National Information Consortium
 % GeorgiaNet Authority
100 Peachtree Street
Suite 1440
Atlanta, GA 30303-3404

Please don't reply directly to me.

-- Trent
Trent Bills
Director of Development
National Information Consortium


1. SVNet meeting July 19th.: World Wide Web - Building a Quality Web Site

SVNet Meeting: Jul 19, 1995, 7:30 pm, Mountain View (FREE, Open to Public)

       SVNet is a SF Bay area UNIX and Open Systems user's group
       which sponsors technical presentations at its monthly meetings.  
       The meetings are free and open to the public.  
       The next presentation will be:

WHAT:     World Wide Web - How to Build a Quality Web Site

Virtually everyone (with the possible exception of Rumpelstiltskin)
is aware of the burgeoning interest in the World Wide Web (WWW).
Organizations small and large are clamoring to establish Web sites
to reach the millions of users who find joy (or, valuable information)
by surfing the Net.  Building a quality Web site, however, may be
another matter.  By quality we mean a site that will provide users
with the information or entertainment they are looking for in
a manner that is quick, easy and intuitive.

Tonight's SVNet presentation will examine both the hard and soft sides
of setting up a quality Web site, along with a smattering of historical
and technical background.

Our speakers from Organic Online will provide an brief overview of
the World Wide Web and how to access it. They will then go into the
nuts-and-bolts of how someone goes about providing information
on the web. This will include what hardware & software is available,
web design techniques using HTML, Images, Layout and Architecture,
and other practical issues that need to be considered when building
a quality Web site.

WHO:     Cliff Skolnick, Brian Behlendorf, Jonathan Nelson
         and Paul Fehrnstrom - all from Organic Online

         The presenters are founding partners and staff of Organic
         Online, a company that provides Internet-related technical
         and design services.  Their professional backgrounds are a
         mix of technical and publishing experience.

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 19, 1995 at 7:30 pm
        (We meet regularly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month)

WHERE:  Sun Microsystems Bldg. 6, 2750 Coast Avenue, Mountain View
    Coast Ave appears to be just a driveway next to Bldg. 5 on Garcia Ave
    between Amphitheatre Pkwy and San Antonio, so don't get confused.

For more information, please call either Paul Fronberg at (415) 366-6403
        or Ralph Barker at (415) 655-4280

     SVNet is a UNIX  and open systems user group supported
                 by member dues and donations.

             SVNet Meetings are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

        UNIX is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries
            licensed exclusively by X/Open, Ltd.

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