flex that does lex?

flex that does lex?

Post by Junichi Kuroka » Tue, 21 Feb 1995 10:09:45

Is there a version of flex(1) that somehow can alternatively produce
older lex(1) style output?

I often have to fall back to a SunOS and use lex(1) there, transfer the
resulting files and continue compiling.  I'm sure there are others
suffering the same problem, so post your help.  Thanks!


Junichi Kurokawa
Image and Printing System Products Development Center
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flex that does lex?

Post by Vern Paxs » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 06:30:26

> Is there a version of flex(1) that somehow can alternatively produce
> older lex(1) style output?

The best you can do with flex is run it with the '-l' option, which maximizes
compatibility with AT&T lex.  The compatibility is not 100%, though.



1. No X programs work / Need flex or lex

I have 2 questions to get resolved

        I have caught this thread a couple of times in comp.os.linux but
can't seem to find the messages that say how to resolve the problem.  When
I run xgames programs like xpuzzle or othello, I get the messages
and then the program dies.
At one point, I saw a posting that said the ldd was responsible for the
message but didn't explain why the programs just die afterward.  Is this
a GCC problem?  Is it an X problem?  I have tried compiling my own test
programs with and without shared libraries and /lib/libc.2.2.2 seems
to work just fine.

        My system is
                                486-33 AMI Bios
                                1542A with 4 SCSI drives
                                Linux 0.96c pl-2 (from headrest.woz)
                                X11 V1.1 (from banjo)
                                GCC 2.2.2b (from banjo)
                                4 Meg RAM/8 Meg swap
     I also need to find a copy of flex or lex.  When recompiling the olvwm and
gwm they need to run some files through lex.  Where is the source code or
a binary available?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                Kevin Schroedel

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