. Continuus Resource Site

. Continuus Resource Site

Post by henrik7.. » Fri, 18 Aug 2000 04:00:00

If you are interested in the Continuus CM tools you should visit the
CCM Resource Site at http://www.ccm.f2s.com

* Scripts for variuos operations in Continuus.
* Report templates.
* FAQ's.
* Forums.
* CM Links.


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1. . Continuus Resource Site.

The Continuus Resource Site is now available.

Continuus is a configuration management tool suite from Continuus

My intention with this site is to collect as much scripts, templates
and tips as possible about the Continuus tools.
I haven't find any other site that have this, and I have often desire
this kind of information.

Check out: http://www.ccm.f2s.com/  

I have uploaded some of my own scripts that I have collected over the
years. But the site is dependent that all of you upload your scripts
to the site. There is also a discussion board available.


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