Thanx help but still problem with curser

Thanx help but still problem with curser

Post by KAR CHE » Tue, 19 Oct 1993 11:30:04

        Thanks a lot about many people reply and answer my question.
        Most of them suggest me using getsr() instead of using gets.  I
follow that and change my code as follow:
        mvprintw (Y,X, "Barcode: ")
        The program getting my input but move the curser back to the
beginning of line Y and do nothing, I can't use back space neither nor ctrl-
c but I need them with my interface design!
        Can anyone help me please!



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Thanx to all of those who mailed me regarding my Xwindown questions.
Thanks to you, I now have Xwindows up and running (tho not at the moment).

I now ask these questions:
I try to run linuxxdoom and it says it is looking for something like minor >=        526 and I have 523.  Where are the latest libraries?

Where can I find a copy of sz and rz for linux?

I have a SONY CDU33A CD-ROM; Linux recognizes it exists, but I don't think
it knows how to access it.  How can I make sure it knows it's there?

And I asked this before and forgot the answer:  how do you format floppies?

Thanx again,

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