talk/ntalk/ytalk protocol specifications ???

talk/ntalk/ytalk protocol specifications ???

Post by Dave Sifle » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know where I can get hold of detailed specifications (and
any other useful information) on the protocols used by talk/ntalk/ytalk?

Any help appreciated...

Many thanks in advance,


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What d'ya think?


My PC ----->SLIP---> HOST -----------------> JohnDoe's PC

On since Thu May 18 14:59 (CST) on ttyp0, idle 0:01, from
New mail received Thu May 18 16:10 1995 (CST)
No Plan

JohnDoe is on the HOST onsite network.

I just want to "ntalk" to JohnDoe.

I think I need to:

This should contact him but I don't know what he is receiving at his
PC.  I would be interested in trying this with someone to see if it is
possible or if I am just nuts.

Any answers?
Any takers?

Let me know.
Rick Mantooth

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