"ld" returns error - Help

"ld" returns error - Help

Post by Pradeep K Tapadi » Mon, 13 Sep 1993 02:56:59

Howdy netters,

I am trying to link some libraries together to create an executable on
a machine running SunOS 4.1.x.

The command I am using is something like:

gcc -g -traditional \
-target sun4 -o myexe \
../dir1/mylib1.a \
../dir2/mylib2.a \

The error I am getting is:

ld: ../dir1/mylib1.a(file1.o): odd word displacement at text+0x1ac4

Can someone please tell me how I can fix this problem?

Thank you for your help.



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Graphics Ultra Pro ISA 2048K.

The error messages that the startx command returns provide
line references at the end of the XF86Config file.  
startx seems to boggle at the entry for "Identifier" in the
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ATI-Mach32, ATI 68800-6 (which is reported by SuperProbe),
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Thanks in advance for your help.

Michael Eisenstadt

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