locking file region

locking file region

Post by Anton Che » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

I am trying to protect records with a file by lockf and/or fcntl
function.  The locked file region, however, can still be overwritten
by stdio call like fprintf (unlike the counterpart in the PC world).
Is there a wya to get around the problem.  I would appreciate any
ideas or comments.

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Anyone got XPolygonRegion working?
r = XPolygonRegion(pts, 3, EvenOddRule);

The process halts here.???
GDB tells me that the system is stuck in an Xlib routine
called InsertionSort().
Now, inserting and sorting three or four points shouldn't take
forever (and then crash).
Any ideas? (tried closed and non-closed paths)


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