Problems with RPC/XDR on Ultrix 4.0

Problems with RPC/XDR on Ultrix 4.0

Post by Kevin Sambo » Sat, 17 Aug 1991 07:09:52

I am having some trouble with the client of RPC/XDR on Ultrix 4.0.
The server works fine.

I created a small program with rpcgen on a Sun SPARCstation running
SunOS 4.1.1.  This program runs fine on the Sparc and an RS/6000
running AIX 3.1.

These are my problems:
a) the code generated by rpcgen was creating the client handle like

      static CLIENT *cl = NULL;
      char *server = "astro";

      cl = clnt_create(server, MYPROG, MYVERS, "tcp");

   this produced an unresolved reference to clnt_create().  I did an
   nm on libc.a, and it produced serveral references to clnt_create(),
   but no text.

   Anyway, I replaced it with this code (which I sort of found in the
   SunOS manuals):

      struct sockaddr_in server_addr;
      struct hostent *hp;
      int sock = RPC_ANYSOCK;

      if ((hp = gethostbyname(server)) == NULL) {
         fprintf(stderr, "can't get addr for %s\n", server);

      bcopy(hp->h_addr, (caddr_t) &server_addr.sin_addr, hp->h_length);
      server_addr.sin_family = AF_INET;
      server_addr.sin_port = 0;

      cl = clnttcp_create(&server_addr, MYPROG, MYVERS, &sock, 0, 0);

   This compiled- which brings me to my next problem:

b) at run-time, after the first call to one of my remote procedures,
   I get:

      xdr_bytes: out of memory

   I have an additional type that is defined like this:

      typedef struct s_client_info {
         char *client_name;
         char *user_name;
      } ClientRec;

   I provide xdr routines that were also generated by rpcgen.

What am I doing wrong, how can errors like this come about (I do not
directly call xdr_bytes), and, are there any books on RPC/XDR
programming?  I know O'Reilly has one, but they are back-ordered till
the end of September.

kevin samborn

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Problems with RPC/XDR on Ultrix 4.0

Post by Fletcher Kittred » Sat, 17 Aug 1991 23:23:30

>I am having some trouble with the client of RPC/XDR on Ultrix 4.0.
>The server works fine.


I don't think DEC claims to support Sun RPC/XDR.  They want you to use
NCS(3) instead.  If you want to use Sun RPC, suck the latest version
off of uunet and support it yourself.

A good book on Sun RPC/XDR is "The Art of Distributed Applicatoins" by
John Corbin.  I think the publisher is Springer-Verlag, but I don't have
the book with me.

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Two quick RPC related questions (from an RPC newbie):

1) I have the source to Sun's RPCSRC4.0 (found using archie). A Sun text -
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   RPCSRC4.1. However, using archie I am unable to locate this version.

   Does anyone know of this release, and, if so, from where is it available?

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Thank you.

Dale Wellborn

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