A problem with binary files in CVS-1.9 repository

A problem with binary files in CVS-1.9 repository

Post by Stephan Zimmerma » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> create a conflict.  Fortunately for us, 90% of the work we do is in code,
> so we are just really careful about modifying forms, and try to only do
> it one person at a time.  When conflicts do arise, the last person in
> "loses" and has to give up the changes, and then re-apply them.

> Let me know if you find a better solution,
>   Vic.

 Me too, please.

Thanks in advance, bye



A problem with binary files in CVS-1.9 repository

Post by Steffen Schwig » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00

>I store project's FrameMaker documentation as binary files in
>the CVS-1.9 repository. It is convenient to handle project's docs and
>sources in the same place. For proper handling doc files, I included
>following lines in the `cvswrappers' file:

>  # Handle FrameMaker files.
>  *.fm  -m 'COPY'  -k 'o'

>It works OK except that after I have edited some `*.fm' doc file in my
>working directory, and somebody else has committed its own version of
>this file, I can not run `cvs update': my local editions will be lost.

I also know that problem, and we decided, that only one person changes files
of a class. For instance, everybody knows, only person A changes the *.fm-files,
only person B changes *.bin-files in directory xxx, and so on. If person C
want to change *.fm-files, she first informs A to commit his changes, before
C changes them.

Quite silly, I know.

Probably you could use the `cvs watch' / `cvs [un]edit' commands to perform
this `protocol' via cvs itself. See cvc documentation for that. I didn't try

Additionally, probably RCS like file-locking is possible via the `cvs admin'
command. With RCS file locking semantics, only one user at a time should be
able to work on that file. I also didn't try it. Sorry.

If someone tried RCS file locking with CVS, I'm interested in it.

Steffen Schwigon

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1. A problem with binary files in CVS-1.9 repository

: People,

: I'm sorry if my question doesn't fit this newsgroup,
: but I couldn't find a special CVS group. I will be appreciate
: if somebody point me such a group.

: I store project's FrameMaker documentation as binary files in
: (But don't advise me to use -m 'MERGE' instead of 'COPY': it is
: senseless because conflicts are possible. I don't know how to resolve
: conflicts in binary files by hand.)

Have you considered using maker interface files (.mif?). These are
text files and can be merged. They should also delta better than the binary


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