Loadable Module Programming (PLEASE HELP)

Loadable Module Programming (PLEASE HELP)

Post by Michael.Peter.. » Fri, 04 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I have compiled my Linux SlackWare 2.0 Kernel with a loadable IPX
Module and want to modify it.
For some tables I want to read data in from a file, but when linking
the module to the kernel a message appears like this :
... symbols doesn't match your linux 2.0.0 kernel

Any suggestions on this ?
Thanks in advance.




OK this is a pretty weird problem:
Whenever I try to load a module (using insmod) I get
an error message like so:
_printk undefined
_register_symtab undefined
_kfree_s undefined
_jiffies undefined
_request_irq undefined
_kmalloc undefined
etc, etc....

Now here's the weird part.  When booting I try to execute
depmod and it gives me all the above errors.  However, later
in the script I load up a module that gives me AFS support
and this works fine.
but any other module I try to load I get these errors.
I see all these symbols listed in System.map but it seems the computer
doesn't see them.

I am running Linux 1.2.8 (from whatever slackware distribution has this

Any help or suggstions would be very much appreciated.

-Jeff Levine

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