WWW: Unix-Socket-FAQ Back up

WWW: Unix-Socket-FAQ Back up

Post by Vic Metcal » Sat, 20 Apr 1996 04:00:00

The unix-socket-faq is back in business.  You can find it now at:


There will be a new version of the faq available sometime on the 21st, at
the same time as it is posted here.

I'm still interested in mirroring it in far off lands (well, far off to me
anyway) which have a slow connection to here in Canada.



1. Unix Socket Faq WWW page down!

I got some bad news from my ISP on Monday morning.  They notified my that
my credit with them had been reduced by an extra $35 for high traffic
charges on my web page.  It turns out that about 450MB/month are being
transmitted.  They give me 100 included with my regular $15/month account,
and I have to pay ten cents for every meg past 100.  When I had signed up
I specifically asked if there were such charges and there were not.

Tuesday morning I got our newsletter from the isp, which introduced the new
pricing for web pages.  I don't think its fair to bill for something before
the new charges have been announced.  Also, since people join ISP's largely
to get information from the web, I think that penalizing those who provide
the information is kind of crazy.

I'm going to try to track down the sources of the documents I provide, so
that I can link to them remotely, and in this way at least reduce the
bandwidth my page takes.  The page as it stands now just explains the
situation, and links to the faq on rtfm.

I encourage everyone to email Lorien Gabel, the Vice President of Operations
at Interlog, telling him that you have found the page useful, and that you

In case Interlog doesn't come around, I'd like to hear from anyone who can
provide me with web space for the unix-socket-faq, and related materials,
free of charge as a service to the Internet.

Thanks everyone, for all the kindness, help and feedback I have received
on the faq, and the www page.


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