**job oppty - Berkeley, CA - Sr. Server Engr.-DCOM, Corba, Java**

**job oppty - Berkeley, CA - Sr. Server Engr.-DCOM, Corba, Java**

Post by MarquezC » Wed, 30 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Subject: **Berkeley**Client-Server-sw prog/dsgnr.DCOM,CORBA,Java,MFC

Date: 21 Apr 1997 21:58:02 GMT

My client company is searching for an exceptional engineer to act as
principal designer and engineer for the server component of
object-oriented, component-based design of enterprise data analysis

Requirements:  Demonstrated server design and implementation skills, solid
experience with DCOM, CORBA, Java, and distributed architectures, as well
as a strong background using MFC and cross-platform class libraries for
32-bit Windows and UNIX development.  Numerics skills and familiarity with
data warehousing architectures are a plus.

For immediate consideration, please fax resume to

Colleen Marquez
Marquez TeleSearch
510.256.7147 fax
510.932.3297 voice



Hiring Junior and Senior Software Engineers .

    Oyster Software, a growing start up company in Berkeley California,
is looking for highly-motivated, self-starting individuals
with excellent communication skills.

        Required Skills: UNIX, C, C++, OOD.

        Desired Skills : Image Processing, Compiler Implementation,
                         Business Process Reengineering, GUI, X, Motif,
                         Multi-Threaded Programming, Client-Server
                         SQL, Oracle, Informix, Database Optimization,
                         Solaris 2.

        Start Date     : ASAP

    All candidates should have BS ( or MS ) in CS or equivalent -
e.g., an applied math degree with Electronic Image Analysis
experience would make a good candidate.
    Junior Software Engineer applicants should have 1-3 years of
experience, Senior Software Engineer applicants should have 4+ years
of experience.

Company Background:

    Oyster Software provides Automated Document Data Entry solutions
which utilize advanced Intelligent Character Recognition technologies.
    Our flagship product, FormsPro, combines common off the shelf
and software tools into custom built solutions with our proprietary data
entry, recognition, and work-flow subsystems.
    FormsPro runs on Sun Solaris workstations, and uses X-windows, and
( Oracle and Informix ) servers.  The system is implemented in a C++,
multi-threaded, X/Motif environment.
    Join us, to work closely with our customers, to utilize cutting
edge technologies, and to deliver The Solution in automated document
data entry.

    Check out our web-page: http://www.oystersoft.com

Contact Information:

    Please email resumes, in ASCII or PostScript format:

    Or fax:
        (510) 841-0100

    Or via postal service:
        Human Resources
        Oyster Software
        1918 University Ave. Suite 2E
        Berkeley, CA 94704

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