? about use of find

? about use of find

Post by Bart Simps » Mon, 15 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I don't know if this is the proper NG for this ? but here goes.

1st of all I have read the man pages and I don't understand how i can do it.

The problem I have is: I would like to delete multiple files in a
directory but only files that have not been modified/accesed in the
previous 90 days.  I think the find command has something to do with it
but again I am stumped.

the dirctory path is /usr/s/shorty/other
and the files i want to delete are ones that not have been accessed for
90 days.

I would appreciate any and all help on the matter.

please respond email or here..

Thanx in advance   Tim Magladry


? about use of find

Post by Bill Marc » Sun, 21 Jan 1996 04:00:00

>the dirctory path is /usr/s/shorty/other
>and the files i want to delete are ones that not have been accessed for
>90 days.

find /usr/s/shorty/other -atime +90 -exec rm {} \;
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1. ** Using "find" to find files created today? ***


 We are noticing that our /data filesystem is filling up - about an hour ago it
 was at 87%, now it is at 91%.  We would like to try to use "find" to see what
 file is being produced that is growing and causing the disk to fill.  We already
 know it is not a runaway process, and that a user program is running, but we
 cannot detect which file it is creating.  We run:

 ls -l `find /data -size +40000 -atime -1 -print`  | more

 We get a list of files that exceed 40000 Kbytes (this is on SUN Solaris 2.5.1)  
 but it does not list any files we suspect - more static files we already know
 are large, but not changing.   We then tried a modifier of:

 -atime 0

 hoping this would show us what was created today, but it did not seem to work.

 Can anyone suggest how we can use "find" to display files created today, or within
 a certain time frame, say a few hours?



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