Help with using libcdaudio

Help with using libcdaudio

Post by DaMic26 » Thu, 13 Apr 2000 04:00:00

   Ok heres my problem, I'm kindof new to this so please bear with me.  

I have installed libcdaudio ( ) and after
installing the lib files it also installs header file's (cdaudio.h) that I
would like to use to access the TOC of an audio cd.  

The problem I'am having is its not working.  I dont know why.  They help for
the header is vauge to me.  It could be that I'am not using the function

If someone one could help me by showing me an example of a small program that
uses the cdaudio.h file I would be greatful.

Thank you


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I'm writing a program in C++ and now came to the point that I wanted to
use libcdaudio (a C library)

Compiling my code is now ok, but if I try to link, I get an error of ld:

undefined reference to `cd_init_device(char *)'

the code in short is

#include <cdaudio.h>

void play(){
   int desc;

even if I mark the function as

  extern "C"

it does not work.
I envoke g++ with

  g++ -o play -lcdaudio

When I compile the same code as C with gcc everything works fine, but
that is no solution to my entire project.

I use g++ 2.95.2 and ld 2.9.5

Thanks for any advise,
-=>Just GNU it<=-
Jens Scharnow, Dortmund

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