pushing ldterm & ptem on sockmod??

pushing ldterm & ptem on sockmod??

Post by Greg Po » Fri, 10 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Is it acceptable to push ptem and ldterm onto a sockmod stream?
Normally, ptem & ldterm get pushed on top of pts, on the slave
side of a pseudo terminal stream.  However, a customer of ours,
running NCR's MP-RAS (SVR4) has an executable (part of a Cobol package)
which pushes ptem and ldterm on top of sockmod.  This ends up causing some
problems (which I can explain in more detail if necessary)
which eventually leads to the kernel getting into an infinite loop.
We've got a workaround, but I'm trying to find out whether what they're
doing is "legal" before we release an official fix.

The only documentation I can find which might imply that ldterm and ptem
can only be used with pts is from the ptem man page:

"The ptem module must be pushed onto the slave side of a
pseudo terminal stream, before the ldterm module is pushed."

I've already posted this to alt.unix.wizards, comp.unix.internals,
and comp.unix.misc, but didn't have any definitive responses.
Any thoughts or pointers to documentation would be greatly appreciated.

- Greg Porr, NCR General Purpose Computing Global Support Center