WANTED: person to do graphics prototypes for PD "Civ II"

WANTED: person to do graphics prototypes for PD "Civ II"

Post by Philip Bro » Thu, 27 Jan 1994 07:57:26

Hi (again).
Looking to work on a "fun" (and UNPAID) project? Had some experience doing
GUI's (the "RIGHT" way) with X ?

Our group needs someone to do some prototypes. You may chose to continue
helping with the coding, or just help us for a month or so. But we need
some help _now_

I am heading a group to do a PD followup to "Sid Meyer's Civilization(tm)"
The game we are laying specs for is getting more and more divergent from
the original, but there's where its roots are.

I was planning to teach myself tcl/tk and do the prototypes myself, but I
find myself reluctant to spend that much time on learning stuff right now.
I currently prefer to stay on the administrative side of things, and not
personally dig into the programming.

So: We Need You!

You don't have to know, or use tcl. It can be something else, but it has
to be free.
(hopefully, either tcl/tk, or Xaw)

And just to do some weeding out now :-)
We are going to be using hex grids. There is no way out of this. If you
don't like this, go away, because you're most likely going to be the one
implementing them :-)
Philip Brown, CIS major, UC Santa Cruz
Author of "kdrill", and "xmandel"
Winging my way out of academia soon...


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