1993 IEEE Computer Society National Programming Contest

1993 IEEE Computer Society National Programming Contest

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EVENT:     The 1993 IEEE Computer Society National Programming Contest

WHERE:     University of Texas at Austin, USA

DATE:      March 20th-March 21st, 1993



Q: What is the IEEE CS National Programming Contest (NPC)?

A: The NPC is an invitational computer programming contest which
   challenges 16 of the finest undergraduate student programmers in the
   world to compete head-to-head against each other in a new and
   exciting contest format.  Each school sends a team of three
   students.  These three students are given just one day to write
   programs which will compete on a team in a virtual world created by
   the contest organizers.  The nature of this world will not be
   revealed until the contest day.  On the second day, the contestants'
   programs fight each other to first place.  The 1993 NPC will be run
   on 50 IBM RS/6000 UNIX workstations on a token-ring network.  The
   contestants may use either C or C++ to write their programs.

Q: Who may compete in the National Programming Contest?

A: Although the NPC was originally intended to be a national event, we
   are getting interest from international schools.  We encourage these
   schools to submit applications if they are interested in sending a
   team.  Some schools will be invited automatically.  However, *all*
   teams interested in competing must submit an application by the
   specified deadline.  All competitors must be undergraduate students
   (or equivalent) in their major on the day of the contest.  If this
   requirement is not clear or your country uses a different system,
   please mail us for clarification, as this rule will be strictly
   enforced.  All teams must consist of exactly three competitors.
   Contestants are expected to arrive the day before the contest as it
   starts early in the morning on Saturday.

Q: How much does the NPC cost?

A: The NPC is free to the competitors.  The sponsors of the NPC will
   pay for a hotel room for the team, all food during the contest days,
   and all transportation to and from the contest site.  To arrange
   for more than one hotel room or for rental cars, please phone
   ahead.  The NPC will not cover the cost of the air fares to get to
   and from the contest.  Perhaps someday..

Q: How long has the NPC been around?

A: The NPC has only happened once before, November 31, 1991.  This
   contest was also held at the University of Texas.  To insure that
   this year's contest will be a first class event, we have scheduled
   our time so that by the time you have read this announcement, the
   contest driver will be almost ready for Alpha testing.  Last year's NPC
   was held on 16 Sparcstation 2's, a Sparcstation IPX, and 32 NCD
   X terminals.  The winners of last year's contest were Rice
   Univeristy (Houston, Texas, USA) and MIT (Boston, Massachusetts, USA).

Q: What are the prizes?

A: We can't announce that just yet.  Send us mail to keep posted on this.
   We should also have the name of our keynote speaker shortly.

Q: What is the format of the application?

A: All applications should be under 6 66-line text pages per team.
   Please do not worry about aesthetics.  We will be looking over each
   very carefully and may send mail back to you for clarifications.
   Include the following information: names of all people on your team,
   e-mail addresses of each person on the team which will be valid
   until the day of the contest, street address of the team contact or
   team leader (this can be a coach or sponsor), age of each
   contestant, school, majors of each contestant, programming
   experience of each contestant (includes job, extra-curricular, or
   hobby), any honors or awards received by any contestant pertaining
   to programming, the address, phone number, and e-mail address (if
   one exists) of your department, and any other information you feel
   is pertinant or useful in illustrating your acumen in computer
   programming.  You will be sent confirmation of having received your
   application within one week.  All applicants will be notified of
   their status by January 30th, 1993 at the latest.

Q: Who is sponsoring the event?

A: IBM Corporation is the NPC host.  The contest will be held on site
   at IBM's new building in North Austin.  The NPC is sponsored in part
   by Texas Instruments.  This event is organized by the students of
   the IEEE CS Student Branch Chapter at the University of Texas at
   Austin, USA.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 30th, 1992

BY US MAIL:           IEEE Computer Society 1993 NPC
                      ENS 103
                      Austin, TX  78712